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The stories I write delve into the mysteries of human evil. Saints live among us, but so do monsters.

Anne K. Howard
Best Selling and Award-Winning Author

Anne K. Howard writes dramatic nonfiction in as truthful and fact-based a manner as possible. Having practiced law for 20 years, she is able to sift through large volumes of research and legal information and craft the hodgepodge of facts and ideas into gripping stories. Anne holds an undergraduate degree in English Literature from McGill University, where she graduated with Distinction. She has a Juris Doctorate from University of Cincinnati College of Law, where she graduated with Dean’s Honors. Anne writes nonfiction because she is fascinated by the human psyche and she loves the written word.

Nonfiction Books

Escape from Mariupol: A Survivor’s True Story, WildBlue Press, 2022

Customer Reviews

Beth Motta
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Through Adoriana's eyes we see the horrors of war commingled with the "angels" who at crucial moments helped her survive and escape the siege of Mariupol. Her devotion to her dog, Yola - and vice versa - brings a beautiful and uplifting element to this narrative.

As expected, reading about the atrocities of war was frightening, but there was something more disturbing than the horrors Adoriana endured underground and the bloody carnage she witnessed on the streets of the city she called home. Once displaced, she was often treated as a pariah because of events over which she had no control. Not only did I see how a sudden turn of events could put me in those torn, blood-splattered boots she wore for weeks on end, I saw how quickly any one of us could become "the other" in a world that largely chooses to ignore, if not denigrate, refugees.

This book's smooth, clear prose swiftly carries the reader along and is hard to put down.
Tom Bittman
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What an engrossing and important story. The war in Ukraine is a humanitarian disaster, and Adoriana’s story shows just one example of millions - but from a personal, human, real perspective. One thread in a fabric. It helps us truly understand what’s happening to regular people in Ukraine due to this brutal war - right now, on our watch. The author did a wonderful job of letting Adoriana’s voice come through. Undoubtedly, this was a challenge - the trauma that Adoriana endured is apparent. It doesn’t shy away from highlighting people of all stripes - generous, evil, greedy, selfish, foolish, leaders, blind followers. But the vignettes of true acts of kindness are actually very inspiring. They matter. And ultimately, that’s my big take-away.


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